After 8 suuuuper looong weeks I'M COMING HOME!!! I am so happy. 

oooh and that's not all. My liver is TUMOUR FREEE!!!!!! No tumours. yay! Two good news in two days. What's happening? I haven't had a n y good news for the past 8months. 

Well, right now I look very pale and tired but that's only cause I am in pain. I've started taking the medicine I stopped taking yesterday again. Morfine that lasts for 8hours. So now I'll take that and Tradolan for the pain. After a week or so I should only need the Tradolan. 

My dad is on his way to pick me up, should be here any minute now. Then we just have to wait for the doctor to finish his meeting so sometime around 2ish I should be on my way home. Or I'll at least be speaking to the doctor about the next steps, when I need to come back, if my drain stops working again etc. 

Will write more later tonight (if I'm not too tired that is), when I am HOOOOOOOME. That's right. Home. Home. Home. I miss my cosy home! This weekend I am just going to relax, sleep and sleep a little bit more. Believe it or not I am soo tired. I haven't slept much for the last 3weeks. Only about 7 nights of sleep I would think, and a few hours here and there. It's a joke. 

Lots of Love


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