Shopping - wear what makes you feel good

♥ my new sandals from H&M. 129kr, that's nothing. A lot of the staff working here have already asked me where they are from and think they look really good on me. Well thank u ;) I'm very into these colours on everything at the mo.

(sorry for spelling mistakes etc. type to fast - as usual and head is so tired)

I'm still the keeper of the title "best dressed" patient. Haha ;-) Now more than ever. Mum bought me tunns of nice stuff here in Uppsala when she went shopping with my "aunt" Susanne (she's also the one who cut my hair, I still get compliments for my new haircut everyday, that it looks so good on me) & I dragged my poor & sick body to H&M yesterday to buy some more stuff. I was soooo tired after that, had to take a 1h nap. Body hurting, tummy,  no energy and just feeling really unwell. But, it was worth it! ;) I love shopping, as most of you know and wearing nice/pretty clothes. So now I have a "new" (sick/hospital) wardrobe with colourful things for once. I love wearing black, but now I need more colour in my life. It makes me feel less and more happy. I've bought a lot of new tops, some leggings, sandals, loose fitting pants (harem leggings etc). I can't wear jeans or tight fitting pants now. No way. That would be so painful. 

I never wear the hospital clothes, unless I have to cause of a surgery or something like that. Then I might wear that for the next few days so I don't get all my stuff all dirty at once. Other than that I advice anyone who is hospitalized for a longer period of time to wear your own clothes. It makes you feel so much better, feel less ill and makes you look better!

You might think I'm weird thinking about looking good, but I don't want to look like a sick person. Well , it's hard not to with tubes here and there and things poking out under my vests etc. Oh well. Not much I can do about that. Doesn't bother me at all actually. I still wear tight vests, cause it feels good around my tummy. Bike I said before, not tight pants though. The most important thing is that I feel comfortable. Cubus have the best pants and really nice and comfy vests. So cheap as well. Perfect for me as I wear-out stuff quickly as I can only use like 1/5 of my stuff at home. Which is a shame. But when I am better I will be able to wear more of what I normaly wear. Perhaps a pair of nice fitting jeans? Right now my tummy is so swollen I can forget it haha. Ok, enough writing for now. Going to post some new photos. Todays outfit. I wonder how many patients have "todays outfit" when they're in hospital. This is my 8th week now soooo ... But maybe I'll be discharged tomorrow. Huuusssh .... nothings 100% decided yet! 

Now I can feel that my body is exausted. Been out and about all day. Did my final test needed for the transplant today. Took all day. I need to listen to my body and take a nap. People!! You need to listen to your bodies when they tell you something is wrong, you need to do something etc. So important. If you're not feeling well, rest or go to the doctor. It took me almost a month until I went to the doctor last october. Not that it made any difference at all. But if your sick rest!

It's so easy to do more than you're supposed to, because you want to. Because you want to be like everyone else your friends and family. Do what they can do, what I can normaly do. It's taken me so long to get used to all of this, I still struggle with it. Not to open heavy doors, reach for things, strain myself, LIFT UP VIXI (8kg) which breaks my heart. Now I wouldn't even think of it, but I have before and I always get told of by mum. I wish I could do everything all my friends can, plan things etc. Now I can't plan tomorrow because tomorrow could be amazing or sucky. ♥ ♥ 

Lots of Love


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